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It Pays to Choose LDA Electric Single-girder Crane

LDA electric single-girder crane is composed of gider weld by steel plate and I-steel, end girder, electric hoist and traveling machnism. The electric hoist runs along the lower flange of the girder to accomplish article hoisting. It features light structure and easy installation and matainance. It is widely used for different places for hoisting such as factories, warehouses and material yards. We could supply you all kinds of industry cranes from 0.25tons to 900tons, pass GB/19001-2000idt ISO 9001: 2000, GB/T 24001-2004 idt ISO 14001: 2004, GB/T 28001-2001, OHSAS 18001: 1999, CE and so on.LDA electric single-girder crane introduction
This type of crane is made of steel plate and I-beam steel wielded girder, end girder, electric hoist and traveling mechanism. The electric hoist runs along the lower flange of the I-beam under the main girder to complete article hoisting.Safe and reliable operation: soft starting and stopping; Crane traveling limit switch and lifting limit switch; Emergency stop system, in case of emergency, the operator could use emergency stop button to cut off power and stop the crane operation immediately to protect human and relevant property; Current overload protection function; Phase protection function
Steel structure: Strong Steel box type, seamless once forming technology more strong and elegant. Strong box type with standard deflection.
Safety feature:Weight overload protection device, Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer, Crane traveling limit switch, Voltage lower protection function, Emergency stop system, current overload protection system and so on.
Control method:Pendent line with press button or remote control or cabin or both.
Crane girder:The crane girder is of welded girder construction. This result in lower dead weight with a high degree of vertical and horizontal rigidity and small wheel loads being transmitted to the crane runway.BRAND:KF CRANE(SMF HEAVY INDUSTRY (SUZHOU) CO.,LTD)…

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