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IT 236 Entire CourseFor more course tutorials visit
IT 236 Week 1 CheckPoint: Web Design Terminology- Appendix B
IT 236 Week 1 DQS
IT 236 Week 2 Assignment: Site Structure
IT 236 Week 2 CheckPoint: Web Site Plan
IT 236 Week 3 DQS
IT 236 Week 3 CheckPoint: Page Design
IT 236 Week 3 Exercise: Toolwire® Lab: Create a Web Page
IT 236 Week 4 CheckPoint: Navigation
IT 236 Week 4 Assignment: Site Structure
IT 236 Week 5 CheckPoint: Insert Graphics
IT 236 Week 5 DQS
IT 236 Week 6 CheckPoint: Copyright Implications
IT 236 Week 7 DQS
IT 236 Week 7 CheckPoint: Graphic Design
IT 236 Capstone Discussion Question
IT 236 Final Project: Web Site Analysis***********************************************************************************************************************************IT 236 Final Project: Web Site AnalysisFor more course tutorials visit
Due: Day 7 [Post to Individual Forum].
Analyze the Web site you selected for the Capstone Discussion question.
Use your knowledge gained from the past 9 weeks.
Evaluate the current design of the site.
Identify recommendations for redesign.
Write a 350-word page paper providing your evaluation and recommendations for redesign.
Include a title page for your paper.
Include headers for each section.
Cite all references on a References page.*************************************************************************************************************************IT 236 Week 7 CheckPoin Graphic DesignFor more course tutorials visit
Due: Day 5 [Post to Individual Forum].
Resource: Web Site Plan.
Submit the fourth section of the Web Site Plan. Add this assignment to your current Web Site Plan.
Be sure to include the following topics:
Any media formats and plug-ins which will be necessary in the site
A description of how graphics will be used in the site
A description of the content to be included in the site and how this…

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