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Internet Impact Upon Human Society

Abstract Internet has always been indispensable innovation since its birth and people have used it in various aspects since its was invented. Because of its advantages and convenience, people have been using it and have become more and more widespread and thus it is obvious that Internet is changing the way people experience the media. Since it has become widespread, some people are also misusing it for their own goods while harming the other individuals. This paper has covered some of the fields which people are using Internet for and how Internet has changed the way of humans carrying out those fields.

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It has also discussed about some of the issues rising from using Internet, what kind of impact do we have and how the future of Internet might be. Introduction When Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first man-made object that is sent into the space to orbit the earth, on October 4,1957, the United States was forced to create an invention that would surpass the sputnik technology. In February 1958, the United States formed a research team named Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), which would help the United States to be ahead in technology field.

This is where the innovation of Internet started. ARPA played an important role in developing the Internet. With the help of the knowledge of packet-switching theory, the setting-up of nodes (hosts), the sending of electronic messages, Internet gradually came alive. Internet eventually expanded in 1980s and grew bigger and bigger by the easy access from personal computers and modems. When WWW (world wide web) was introduced in 1991, Internet development was unstoppable since people do not need to know the complex commands to use Internet.

They only need a WWW browser to use Internet. Later on, World Wide Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera are developed and they help us navigate the web pages. From there, the growth of Internet has been expanding and never stopping till now. Since we are living in exponential time, we can notice that the pace of technology changing is incredible, from the past to present, where there was no Internet to the widespread use of Internet. Internet has been the medium for sharing information among users.

It contains infinite information. It provides countless services that also change the human culture and environment by altering the way we process our daily lives and making the processes easier and make the lifestyles more comfortable. It is the major historical innovation, which changes most of the major aspects of humans’ lives such as communication, education, business and etc. This will be elaborated on the later part of the research paper. As we all know, nothing is perfect. Even though Internet seems to be the ideal tool for communication, it has its own downsides.

It is addictive and causes negligence of others. We spend hours of times in chat rooms without realizing that time is passing. It is dangerous. Hackers might get our personal information through the Internet using programs. There are spams, viruses and malwares that can harm our computers. Children can easily access pornography websites. Current Issues There are many services that Internet can provide a user such as education, information portal, e-commerce, and entertainment besides communication. Let us take education as the example. Now the technology has changed the way of teaching methods.

Schools have offered E-learning portals where students can download the course information, where teachers can upload the content of the lessons in advance so that the students can download them are read them in advance. The technology has enabled students to take courses online, and thus the teaching style has changed from the classroom and seminar teaching style to staying at home and computer using style. This type of education might help the students to avoid common school issues such as bullying and violence and is good for students who have physical disabilities or severe allergies.

In addition to this, application developers have developed various education applications which would assist in studying such as dictionaries program for the computers, programs for typing practicing and so on. However, students might get confused with the online instructions, guidelines and deadlines to submit the documents where there is no teacher beside the students to explain. Long time ago, the citizens, the press and the media were used to be under the control of the government and they were not allowed to freely express their information and the ideas.

They were not allowed to voice out their opinions. The authorities decided the content of the news and thus the publishing media could not put any opposing news about the authorities. When the journalists tried to print something disapproved by the government, it is either the journalist was arrested or the publication was censored. Hence, the public did not have a chance to know both the good and bad news. All the public knew about their country was only the good news published in the journals and the newspapers and not the news happening in reality.

The public only had the chance to see one side of the country’s development. Later on, as the freedom of the expression or the freedom of the press or media came along, people were allowed to freely hold any opinions without any interference and impart the information and ideas through any form of media such as newspapers, radio, television and so on. Nevertheless, there are some countries, which could not exercise the right since they are the non-democratic countries. For those countries, freedom of the press is a difficult concept to accept.

However, Internet has helped them overcome all these difficulties. From the traditional publishing, there are now web-based publishing for instance, blogs and online newspapers which are more efficient then traditional publishing since traditional publishing can be forced to closed down by the authorities and the publications take some time to reach the public where web-based publishing can be easily accessed by the people all over the world within minutes and there are no authorities who will ask the web-based publishers to take down their publications.

Thus, citizens from the non-democratic countries are now able to post blogs online about the latest news happening in their countries without the worries of the media censorship. People from all around the world who have access to Internet can know what is happening in non-democratic countries through the blogs, online journals, twitter and etc. Thus, Internet has changed our traditional publishing into web-based publishing and made the freedom of expression more significant.

When one person post something about the news, the others will re-post the same news to try to let all the people around the world know the news but the information source can be varied and there might be some incredulous information regarding the news or the publisher might have exaggerated the news. Thus, if we search some news from Internet, we have to read the source carefully and decide whether the blog or the web is giving us the accurate version of the news or not.

In addition to the web-based publishing service, Internet can also provide e-commerce or electronic commerce. The e-commerce is an online service where the customers can buy and sell products and services using Internet. E-commerce does not simply consist of the buying and selling process but it also includes the whole process such as developing, marketing, selling and delivering. It also includes other services such as banking, advertising, and ticketing. There are websites that are only intended for the online shopping such as Amazon and E-bay.

Such websites have a great deal of items from the household utilities to the electronic tools. From small businesses such as Pizza Hut to large business companies such as Toyota use online services to enhance their business. Pizza Hut offers online ordering and delivery and Toyota allows its customers to make purchases online. Hence, online shopping has altered the culture of shopping from where we go to shops in person to purchase goods to we view the items that we like online and clicked “add to cart” option to purchase the items.

These online shopping opposes the shopping at a brick-and-mortar retailer or a shopping center since customers don’t need to be physically present in the stores to purchase goods, which saves time for the customers. Financial transactions can also be conducted online on a secure website provided by the particular banks and thus people do not need to visit banks for transactions anymore. They can simply transact their money online using Internet.

Moreover, many companies now use Internet to advertise since the online advertisements can be reached to the customers more efficiently since there are more people who use Internet than people who watch television. In this way, Internet has transformed the way we conduct the business and financial transactions. However, e-commerce doesn’t guarantee a safe shopping. E-commerce involves using credit cards. Some people are afraid to use their credit cards via Internet, which is a must, because viruses and hackers are prevalent. The viruses might attack one’s computer and obtain the personal information.

The hackers might steal their credit card information using programs and use the credit cards without the knowledge of the card owners. Thus, people must take precautions if they are shopping online. Internet has served to be the best communication medium. In the nineteenth century, people only had carrier pigeons, horses and trains to rely on. During wars, soldiers used the pigeons to send messages from one place to another. The drawback was that if the enemy soldiers were nearby when the carrier pigeon was released, they would try to shoot it down so that the message wouldn’t be transmitted.

When electricity was invented, telegraphs appeared but the disadvantage of the telegraphs and letters is that nobody knew how long it took for the telegraphs and letters to reach the recipients. Therefore, people got some difficulties in their work such as letters not arriving punctually as they wish so their business transactions got delayed. In 1876, thanks to Alexander Graham bell, we could make phone calls to people who are miles apart just by pressing the phone numbers. But now when Internet and e-mails appear, we can get access to almost to everything.

We cannot only talk and text but also do video-chats, send pictures and videos. We don’t have to worry about our messages or pictures not arriving to the recipients since nowadays technology is highly modernized and reliable. In addition to these services, Internet provides new ways of communicating each other. That would be using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Usually, we would only contact friends and family members or relatives. However, as the communication advances with the growth of Internet, the social networking service becomes ubiquitous.

These sites allow their users to contact to the others users who live all over the world. There is no restriction in adding friends. In addition, musicians, actors, and authors can use social networking sites to promote their artwork. Thus, people are not living in their small circles of friends and families anymore and instead, they are exposed to the whole world. This idea would be very contrasting to the accustomed social networking where one would only make friends in schools and workplaces. The impact those communication sites have on our human society is huge too.

The role that this communication system plays in our daily lives is becoming indispensable. For example, we can’t just throw away our phones and ignore phone calls and messages for a day. The Facebook users can’t neglect their notifications. Although Internet has brought the world together, it has its own drawbacks. Since strangers from all over the world can easily access our personal information, the others might use personal information for illegal activities. It has also made people lazier since people only use short forms to communicate online. They no longer type full sentences or words.

There is also another downside of Internet. People can get carried away in the chat rooms without noticing that time has passed. It is easy to spend hours back and forth on Twitter and Facebook without achieving much of anything. People are spending time excessively on Internet. This is called Internet addiction disorder that is affecting almost all Internet users. Therefore, it is either people take control of themselves on using Internet or Internet takes over them. Hence, we need to keep track of time while using Internet to prevent any waste of time.

Internet also offers entertainment. There are websites for watching movies or listening to the music. There are also gaming sites. If one wants to watch videos or movies when he is bored, he does not need to wait for his favorite program or soap operas to be aired. He can simply log into movie websites for example, YouTube and watch them online. If one wants to listen to songs, he does not have to tune for the radio channels or go to a music shop to purchase the whole album to listen to the songs. He can go to websites, which offer songs to purchase.

He does not need to buy the whole album as he usually does when he is shopping at a CD shop. There, he can choose songs from which the website has offered and purchase his favorite songs and listen. In addition, popular music channels such as MTV and Channel V has their own websites and thus if one wants to check out the popular music or top music videos program, he does not have to wait for the program to be aired. He can go to the websites and check them out. For the gaming aspect, the gamers do not have to play alone the computer games at their homes anymore.

They can enjoy games online and even compete against the other players online. Nevertheless, since different age groups can access Internet content without any difficulties, it is dangerous for children and teens. As they can access unsuitable Internet content, for instance pornography, it is detriment for them. Because the children are very fast to adapting what they hear and see, they might imitate the sexual acts presented in the pornography or act out them against the younger ones. Thus, inappropriate Internet content for the children must be strictly prohibited.

In addition to the porn videos, there is another serious issue regarding with Internet files sharing. It is called music piracy or music theft. Since there are many websites that offer free songs and videos to download, most of the people nowadays do not buy the original version of the songs. Instead they would just download the free songs, which is a loss for the musicians. Not only the musicians but also people who are involved in writing, recording, producing, distributing music are suffering the financial loss caused by the music piracy.

Thus, the music industry is trying to seek stricter laws and regulations for the illegal music files sharing. Majority of the people use Internet to search information using search engines. Before the development of Internet and search engines, mostly people would go to libraries or ask the elders if they want to find some information. They will have to spend time on reading books by books to obtain what they want. Sometimes, they might end up confused since there is a great deal of books to read. After the development of the search engines, people do not have to visit libraries just for some simple information.

All they need to do is type out the main keywords in the search engines and the search engines will provide with the best results, which are ranked in order of relevancy, of what they can find. Thus, instead of browsing through numerous books, students just need search engines for their inquiries. In this way, Internet has changed our searching information methods. However, our increasing dependence upon the search engines is not a good habit because our ways of thinking are dominated by the search engine result pages. People do not try hard to think for the information.

They do not brainstorm for the ideas. Instead, they would just rely upon the search engines since they can use the search engines easily. Key Observations and Analysis The above elaborations are only a part of the implications of Internet and how it has changed and impacts our lifestyles. No matter how innovative and outstanding an innovation may be, eventually it has both advantages and disadvantages. Although it is true that the innovations are meant for more convenience and ease for our lifestyles, we cannot over rely on any innovation since the innovations have the tendency to make the people lazier.

Internet has caused many people to commit crimes and also caused many negative effects. As there is a wide range of people with different characteristics, not all people might use Internet for the same good purpose. Some might use it for their own good while in turn, harming the others. For example, there might be some people who use Internet to hack the other individuals’ personal computer and access those individuals’ documents and use them for illegal activities. Some hackers might enjoy those documents and use them for their personal amusement. These activities are called cyber crime and the authorities are taking these cases seriously.

Hence, we might have a better future if the government and the country’s citizen cooperate together to fight off these crimes. Moreover, people should control and limit themselves when using Internet since it is addictive. People are consuming Internet, as it is a basic need of humans. Such actions causes many negative symptoms such as less interaction with the family members and friends, losing track of time after connecting to Internet, unnecessarily checking the mailboxes and notifications from social networking sites and not interested in the assigned work but only wanting to use Internet.

Since Internet is addictive like drugs, people refused to move away from the screen. They would like to sit in front of the computer screen all day along and thus making them obese and transforming them into couch potatoes who spend a great deal of time in front of the screen. Hence, Internet Addiction Disorder is causing many people to lose their interests in their studies and jobs. One of the solution proposed for this disorder would be setting aside time for only using Internet and if the time has reached, people should stop using it and do some exercises or other things which will make them forget to use Internet.

Future Considerations Internet has always been developing and growing since its birth and has been increasingly dominant upon the human society. Even though Internet is popular among the world, it is not yet being used by the whole world efficiently. Although the more developed countries have the full access to the fast Internet connections and web pages, the less developed countries have to satisfy with the connection that is only sometimes one tenth as fast as the more developed countries’ internet connection. In some part of the world, there might be no Internet access at all.

For those parts of the world, their countries’ development might be slower when compared with the other developing countries because a country’s development depends upon the facilities that a country can provide to the citizens and Internet plays an important role in the development. If we look at the developed countries, they have the full access to Internet and are making full use of it. Therefore, it is a clear point that Internet can reshape the society so the developed countries should help the developing countries to get the full

Internet access and thus making the world fully developed. In this way, there will be no discrimination against who have no full Internet access because those who have full access are always able to keep themselves updated while those who don’t have access cannot keep up with the current global issues. Furthermore, Internet requires net neutrality where there will be no interferences and discriminations while accessing information via Internet. Internet should be open. No authorities should ban anyone from accessing the information.

In addition, more severe Internet rules and regulations should be existed for the Internet users for issues such as music piracy, hardcore pornography readily availability to young Internet users, hackers, consumer protection and etc. Since music piracy is a big issue for the musicians and the music industry, the authorities from the music industry should stand up and take some serious considerations for the parties who have lost their benefits due to the music piracy.

In addition, there should be some serious penalty if the children are caught red-handed in the process of accessing to the pornography. However, if the children are exposed to the pornography without them trying to access, then there court should take actions against those people who tried to expose the children to the pornography. Another serious case concerning with Internet is secure Internet surfing. Since the hackers are equipped with the more advanced programs and techniques, they are able to obtain the personal information and data more and more easily.

Hence, online shopping websites, the banks and the other websites that involve financial transactions should provide more secure shopping environment for their customers since the hackers are trying their best to obtain the customers’ credit card information. In addition, the authorities should try harder to make the customers feel safer by setting harsh rules and regulations against the hackers. Future Form of Internet Since its birth, Internet has been changing its form and will continue to change in the future too. One of the famous future forms of Internet might be telepathy.

Internet might be able to recognize our thoughts and eventually will be able to transform the thoughts into actions. Therefore, we won’t need to type out the commands as we are doing right now. All we need is a device, which will be connecting our mind and Internet. That device would connect the mind and Internet and act as a transmitter of information. In addition to telepathy, Internet might be able to support transportation online. There would be a machine that is connected online and we will be able to transport items that we want to.

When we upload the item, the other party from the other side of the world will be able to download the item. This is similar to the concept of files sharing. We cannot say it is not impossible since Japanese developers have developed a device, which is able to transmit kisses online. The purpose of the device is to communicate kisses for those loners or lovers who are separated from each other. Hence, with the curiosity and the desire to develop new innovations by the scientists might innovate the scientists and developers to come up with an invention that will be able to carry out both telepathy and transportation.

Furthermore, Internet might enhance the experience of the virtual reality. Since there are Internet phones and video chats for those who are communicating over long distances, it has created a virtual reality and in the near future, people might be able to integrate all of their feelings and send them through Internet. Conclusion To conclude, it is obvious that Internet has revolutionized our human society. But whether our increased dependence upon this technology is good or bad remains controversial since it depends upon the users. Internet can only provide services.

The way the humans apply the services it changes the world. For example, Alfred Nobel invented the dynamite for the good of the human society but people used it as a war weapon and thus creating disasters in wars. Therefore, whether Internet will be the beneficial or detrimental solely depend on the humans’ application of Internet. References Vicky Vickers (2000), The Internet, A simple history. Retrieved from


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