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What better way to analyze this case than sitting on an airport floor waiting for my delayed flight, this is so appropriate. Although the cause of my flight was a weather delay, and had nothing to do with technological support, I assumed this would not be happening but this is Mother Nature’s work and it is hard to avoid. Professor Roger McPherson assumed that the information technology in the London airport would be far more advanced that what it was in that point in time. I think that the Professor became a bit spoiled by the treatment that he had received over the past 10 years traveling and paying extremes amount of money for first class service. I mean who would expect any less paying that much for a flight. His was not wrong to assume that he will be taken care of and made sure that he made it to his connecting flight. One thing that the professor needed to keep in mind is that there was not a sophisticated computer system that would let the connecting flight know that he was delayed and they should wait. The most that could have happened and what should have happened was that they called ahead and advised the airport that they were delayed and had connecting flights. This should be part of the advantages of the price he pays for his ticket therefore getting the most out of the investment in first class.
When thinking of traveling you need to incorporate any types of delays that may occur. This includes traffic to the airport, security delays, weather delays, mechanical problems, and/or sick passenger, to name a few. With that said make sure that there is enough time between your original flight and connecting flight to make sure that you are not under an extreme amount of stress because you will not make it. I think in this case the Professor depended too much on his past experiences traveling first class with this airline and assumed that everything will be ok. The reality is that not every situation is the same one. Not always will you get the same…

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