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Information Systems Proposal: Lou’s Record Shop
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Types of Organizational Information Systems 5
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Drawbacks of the Information Systems 6
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Reference List 8Information Systems Proposal: Lou’s Record ShopLou’s Record ShopPrepared for
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Lou’s Record Shop
Proposal Number: CC06-13Introduction
Lou’s Record Shop will provide a nostalgic music experience to their customers. The history of music runs long and has changed dramatically over the last 100 years. For our customers that want to experience their favorite music on vinyl or are searching for that hard to find artist from years past, Lou’s Record Shop is the best choice to obtain their selections. Lou’s Record Shop will not only provide music for customers via a physical store, the store will also provide online access to shopping. Information systems will be the key to the store’s success. Information systems come in computer based forms as well as non-computer based forms and Lou’s will need to utilize both types of systems in order to be successful in providing excellent service and products to our customers. For Lou’s Record Shop, I propose utilizing a functional area IS system, a transaction processing system, an office automation system, a management information system, a supply chain system, and an electronic commerce system. Utilizing these information systems will assist Lou’s in the day to day operations of the store and will keep Lou’s Record Shop one step ahead of the competition.
Having a comprehensive company website developed will provide an online shopping experience for our customers that are easy to use and provides them with the same options as if they were physically in the store. The storefront will be available to customers who want…

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