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Imagine That You Are Teaching English in a Local High School

Imagine that you are teaching English in a local high school. As an English instructor I carry out one of the most vital jobs to the general public. As an educator of English studies, I educate juvenile minds how to read, write, spell, think seriously and use correct grammar. As a teacher I show my interest for literature, writing, grammar and vocabulary. Like most teachers they work with individuals from a? ide variety of ethnic backgrounds which can present a challenge because of the verbal communication barriers. By having so much variety this offers a huge opening to use foreign arts skills to construct, study and distribute information from different point of views and thoughts. As an English teacher it is my job to make sure every student leaves my classroom with the understanding and knowledge of how to structure a paragraph and essay.

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It is my job to prepare instructional materials to meet core program standards, make sure books and resources are ready each day for class and distribute what I have planned to engage student’s interest into every lecture. Properly selecting appropriate instructional materials for classroom instruction can often present a challenge due to different types of learning styles, however, with the new requirements in the “No Children Left Behind Act,” teachers are required to be “highly qualified. All work is geared toward making sure students leave with a since of understanding, so adjusting the curriculum and coursework to meet the educational needs of each student is my goal. When grading tests, essays, and other assignments I need to keep an open mind to each individual who turns in a paper and work with students that might have a little more trouble than others. Meeting with parents, educators, and students to discuss a student’s academic progress, helps to relay nformation to all parties involved on how well or poorly a student is preforming. English is very important in today’s society and teaching the next generation how to correctly correspond with other individuals is critical to their educational future. To advance in any career field one must have good communication skills and this all starts in the classroom with your English teacher. Without good English-language skills, students will not be able to succeed in today’s English class or any other classes.

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