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Everywhere in the world people always try to attend college or university. This is not strange, but someone can know the different reasons exactly, can’t he? In my opinion, people attend college or university for three main reasons, career and success preparation, new experiences, and increased knowledge.First of all is success. People attend college because they want to succeed. They want to prepare better for career and success in the future so that they can have a good job, earn more money or hold important roles in society. Someone ever told me: “ Attending college or university is not the only way to success, but it is the nicest way!”. Do you agree? I agree and I believe, trustful. Not only I but also everyone know that university lecture-room gives us many knowledge and skills that are really useful for our career, our life, and specially in society with development of technology and science. What if you don’t have college education as well as university degrees. You may not find a good job, so you can’t earn enough money for your own living and you may not also have afford or power to decide important things in career and society. If someone else has, however, he/she may find a good job, of course! There for, he/she will have a comfortable life because of not worrying about financial state, and he/she may be a effective person in a organization, a industry, a society, etc. It is possible that you needn’t those thing, however, actually there are so many thing you cannot do but others can if they have college degrees.Secondly, people attend college because they want to have new experiences. It is said that college and university are new worlds where people will have new views, new skills, new environments, new friends, etc that are very different from the student’s…

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