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Hypothetical Working Agreement Paper

Hypothetical Working Agreement Paper Choose one of the three scenarios: Freydia, Thomas or Rad. Write a 1,400- to 2,450-word hypothetical working. Include the purpose and key elements of each part of the working agreement: •Statements of confidentiality and informed consent •Goals •Roles, expectations, and responsibilities of all parties •Intervention methods used to attain goals •Frequency, duration, length, and location of the meetings •Means of evaluation or measuring progress toward goal attainment •How the working agreement can be renegotiated Consequences of either party not upholding the agreement and how unforeseen complications will be handled Use the following resources as references: Box 7. 1 Sample Assessment Outline, Exercise 7. 3 Prioritizing, and Exercise 7. 5 Evaluation.

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Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. 7. 1 Outline for Assessment 1. Identifying and demographic information Name, age, gender Sexual orientation Relationship status Religion Cultural or racial identities Employment, education, training Economic status, including problems or needs 2. Presenting problem or concern Current History Past treatment . Strengths and resources Coping mechanisms Social supports, including friends, cultural, and community networks Cultural and spiritual beliefs and practices Motivation and readiness for change 4. Background Family history Signifi cant developmental events Effects of race, culture, sexual orientation, age, class, immigration, and other infl uences 5. Biopsychosocial stressors Previous Current or continuing 6. Psychological functioning Behavioral observations Cognitive or intellectual capacity and skills Emotional/affective state and self-regulation 7. Health and biological factors `

Physical health Disability Medications Substance use, abuse, and dependence Wellness activities (exercise, yoga, meditation, etc. ) 8. Test results Intelligence Neuropsychological Psychological 9. DSM IV-TR diagnosis (all fi ve axes) 10. Formulation or conceptualization The demands of the larger society can also intrude on priority setting. Freydia, the woman who wishes her children back, might see getting sober and getting work training as priorities. However, in a conversation with the clinician, Freydia realizes that she is going to include a mandated 6-week parenting course in her priorities

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