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Have started the term “money laundering” in the United States in the period between 1920 m to 1930 m, where use security Americans this word to denote what was done by mafia gangs in the purchase of the projects and shops to Dirty Money of illicit origin and then mixing it with capital and profits of these projects is to hide the source from the eyes of regulatory authorities. Have been associated with the phenomenon of money laundering criminal organized crime in the United States after World War I and then increased and expanded in the twentieth century. However, this criminal is not limited to the United States alone, but spread out in many countries, especially in Europe after World War II. In addition, it has spread widely in Latin America as a result of the spread of drug market and drug trafficking and organized mafia operations in those countries. So this phrase has become widely used in the world of finance and economy, especially by many of the legislative and executive organs.
Money laundering can be defined as it to change dirty money which are owned from any kind of crimes to show it like legally, like use that money to open company or any kind of shop then started business with that dirty money.

There are many types of illegal activities generating dirty money, including:
• Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances.
• Arms Trafficking.
• Human beings trafficking.
And falls under the sale of children, human organs, prostitution.
• Trafficking in public office.

There are three basic steps of money laundering, and those steps can be used singly or all in one transaction .

The steps are:
a. Placement
b. Layering
c. Integration

Those steps will be explained after in this project.
Money laundering is the one of the biggest financial problem in these days and before, so it is necessary to understand what is the meaning of money laundering , how the money laundered and what form of property can…

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