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HUM 266 Entire Course
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www.uophelp.comHUM 266 Week 1 Function of Art PaperHUM 266 Week 2 Architecture PaperHUM 266 Week 3 Music PaperHUM 266 Week 3 Assignment Renaissance Painting PresentationHUM 266 Week 4 Romanticism PaperHUM 266 Week 4 Isadora Duncan HUM 266 Week 5 Artistic Periods WorksheetHUM 266 Week 5 Theater and Cinema Comparison**********************************************************************************************************************HUM 266 Week 5 Artistic Periods Worksheet
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www.uophelp.comWeek 5 Individual Assignment Artistic Periods WorksheetResources: Artistic Period Worksheet found on your student website.
Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Artistic Period Worksheet by selecting one major artistic work that fully exemplifies each artistic period listed. Your selected work of art may come from architecture, painting or sculpture, theater, music, or literature.Include the full name or title of the work, the name of its creator (where known), and the year of its creation.*******************************************************************************************************************HUM 266 Week 4 Romanticism Paper
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www.uophelp.comWeek 4 Individual Assignment Romanticism PaperReview the ideals and emphases of Romanticism as an artistic movement.Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you discuss how these ideals are embodied in three different art forms.Select three specific examples:
One example from literature or poetry
One example from dance (classical ballet)
One example from among music or paintingEnsure that each piece comes from the Romanticism era.Analyze how each piece expresses the worldviews of Romanticism in content and artistic innovation and technique—artistic expressions, literary techniques, and elements of choreography.Format…

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