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HRM 300 Week 1 Individual Assignment Human Resource Management OverviewFor more course tutorials visit
Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper using the Week One readings, articles, and your personal experiences to address the following questions:• What is human resource management?
• What is the primary function of human resource management• What is the role of human resource management in an organization’s strategic plan
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Films: 1. Personnel, 2. Feedback on the Job: Acccepting Criticism, 3. Busniss Plan: SWOT Analysis Watch these films that are located in the univerisal library and use them as references.Refer to Main classroom forum for directions to access them.
——————————————–HRM 300 Week 2 Team Assignment Human Resource Management Department BrochureFor more course tutorials visit
The HRM department at fictional Hancock Manufacturing is planning to recruit new employees at a local university career fair. To attract qualified applicants, the department has decided to design a brochure to advertise the department at the career fair. A graphic artist has been assigned to create the graphic design for the brochure and your team has been asked to provide the text for the brochure. The text your team writes must focus on communicating to potential employees how the department is addressing changes in technology, diversity, globalization, and ethics. This assignment is due in Week Two.Create the text information for the brochure for the HRM department at Hancock Manufacturing.
When referencing the Brochure create the reference from the APA Publication Manaual using Hancock Manufactiring, year brochure made and edition and the names of your Learning Team members using sections:
• B. Books, Brochures, and Book Chapters
• Brochure, coporate author
• Example:
Research and Recruiting Center for New Hires….

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