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How does GY Series High Pressure Ball Machine Work

High pressure ball machine is a powder material is compressed into the ball.The application of pressure ball machine is very extensive, pressure groups, on the following materials for granulating or pressure, such as aluminum, activated carbon, alumina, bauxite, caustic soda, coke crumbs, coal, charcoal, clay, cryolite, fertilizer, plastic, limestone, pigment, urea, potassium salt…And so on.Its aim is to reduce dust, the control unit weight, return to use, improve the transportation characteristics.Capacity design is mainly used in powder to suppress conversion method in the process of smelting magnesium jiang pellets.Working process of high pressure ball machine is as follows: Spiral feed unit driven by electromagnetic speed regulating motor, turn the pulley, worm reducer, pressure material will be forced into the inlet pressure. Due to electromagnetic speed regulating motor constant torque characteristic, when the pressure of the spiral feeder shoes and equals the quantity of the materials needed by the host, can maintain a constant feed pressure make the pellet quality is stable.As for the shoes is too big, feeding device electrical overload; For shoes is too small, no ball.Thus the skilled operation skill is vital to guarantee the normal work of the ball. Hydraulic pressure protection device of high pressure ball machine is composed of hydraulic pump high pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder, the piston to produce axial displacement.Before pick up the top of the head of the piston rod on the bearing pressure to meet the production requirements.When between two roller feeding into the metal, or too much of the hydraulic cylinder piston rod pressure overload, hydraulic pump will stop buffer effect to the pressure change, accumulator, overflow valve open back to oil, the piston rod shift between the roller gap increased so hard objects through the roller, the system pressure returned to normal, can protect the roller damage.The machine can adjust…

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