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Hospitality Trends Is South East Asia

Australian casino development over this period. From being modelled on British, then European, and now American style casinos, recently established Australian casinos aim to stimulate mass consumption and spending from population bases of major city centres. They encourage open participation by residents, unlike the restricted local access enforced by many British and European casinos, and the earlier US model of locating casinos in isolated resort destinations.

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Even though tourism has always been a stated policy objective for new casino development, Australian casinos draw most revenue from the local “grind” market. However, while under government controls, multinational corporations which manage most Australian casinos have a high capacity for pressuring governments to secure favourable operating conditions. However, the market for Australian casinos is showing signs of saturation. By the end of 1997, while casino gambling in Australia had quadrupled in the preceding ? ve years, Facilities development

There has been continued growth in developing world class MICE facilities and infrastructure in Australia, demonstrated by dedicated convention centres (DCCs) built in Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne and more recently in Brisbane and Cairns. Rarely is a new hotel built without some type of convention and meeting facility incorporated in its design (Bureau of Tourism Research, 1998, p. 26). To date, development of MICE facilities has been concentrated in major cities. However, developments are also occurring in regional Australia.

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