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High School to College

Most of my classmates are afraid to graduate from high school because they say high school is the best and they would miss it so much. However, they know that they would eventually go to college. When we think about these things, we would feel sad because we know that our batch would not be together anymore in that room full of good and bad memories. Now that we are in the third year of our high school life, we are making every moment with our friends and teachers count, we do our best in everything, and we are becoming more competitive than ever.

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It is just sad to say that we are not that united. Some just cannot let go of their past. I know that it is hard to let go, but I realized that letting go easier than holding on. When I was still in my elementary years, going to college seems to be so far, and suddenly, I am writing an essay about going to college. Leaving high school is like leaving home and forever. I do things at school in routine like I do things at home and I spend most of the day time in school than at home.

This makes school my second home. High school is where most people mature and learn more things than just lessons in text books. I have learned so much life lessons in the past two years in of my high school life, lessons that I will carry with me even wherever I go. I believe that these lessons are more important than any lesson a teacher would teach. High school is full of unforgettable experiences.

May it be good, bad, or humiliating experience they are all precious to me, because in every unforgettable experience I had in high school, I learned something important from it and those lessons made me the person I am now. Soon, we will be graduating from high school to college, we will be separated and eventually graduate from college then have our own family and grow old, but high school will be in our hearts forever.

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