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high school students weight

Shawn Shrewsbury
Ms. Mika
Why high school students shouldn’t have high standards on the way they look.
Have you ever wished to be a model or look like a certain way? Well many people always feel that way on a daily basis and it happens the most with in a teens high school years. I believe that high school students think that they have to look a certain way because of the magazines and computer ads that are thrown at their faces on a daily basis.The reason I feel that magazines have a big in pact on a students or even an adults view on the way they look is because no matter what they will have a magazine in there hand. In (source B) a study done by Detroit: gale in 2007 more than 30% of high school females said that they were overweight, and more than 50% of them said that they were trying to lose weight ( source B). On the other hand the high school males had a very much lower percentage then the females. I believe this is due to that they don’t read magazines as much a females I could very much be wrong but that is my hypothesis.Another factor I believe that I think that can affect people’s views of their body weight is the ads that are posted everywhere on the internet. More than 10.2% of North America is on the internet. There are also ads out there that shows people there favorite actor or favorite actress and so the teens may feel like they want to look like them and they can sometimes never achieve this goal so they end up getting this mindset that they are fat or they can never lose weight. So I believe the internet has a huge effect on people way of viewing themselves.I believe high school kids shouldn’t have to feel like they have to look a certain way. They should feel free to look the way they want to look because in the end it all really matters what you feel and if you truly feel good about yourself and isn’t high school supposed to teach you self-worth and if you can’t learn that then you will never be able to learn it…

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