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Heroes (humanities 101)

HUMAN 101 Section #1805 February 19, 2014“Someone needs to fight, someone needs to sacrifice, someone needs to inspire, and someone needs to be a hero.”?Amit Kalantri. Time has shown that heroes change through culture evolution. Heroes have been defined through physical strength to being smart or having wit to just simply having faith in a God. The physical hero was when the hero was physically in front of you; you can actually see, touch, smell them, maybe some would let you taste them. Who knows how freaky they were back then. The Women of Willendorf found in Austria (lecture) is proof of physical strength. The body of a woman can make another human being. After a human it goes back to its formal self; it’s elastic. The ability to produce milk for the baby is something amazing, something that men can’t compete with. The women were seen as a God, a Fertility God. The women were “dethrone” because organized around an obsession with control, with men elevated in the social structure because of their presumed ability to exert control (whether rationally or through violence or the threat of violence) and women devalued for their supposed lack of control–women are assumed to need men’s supervision, protection, or control (based on Allan G. Johnson’s The Gender Knot). So the strength of giving birth wasn’t that important anymore. Strength was shifted to showing how strong and how many people they can beat up. In my opinion is who can be the biggest bully. Let’s take Achilles, he was a warrior, someone that would just go and fight, no questions asked and no remorse. He just wanted to kick some ass and show off his strength. Once people saw that he was reckless and not really getting a lot from it anymore they looked and the opposite. That’s when Odysseus took over as hero Unlike Achilles, Odysseus was an observer and analytical about the situations he was in. He thought about the moves he was going to make before making them. He was the ultimate manipulator…

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