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Health Care Marketing Analysis

Point of View Given the state of the economy over the last few years, it is no wonder that many industries are facing difficulties. It express world renowned news that American banks were facing economic struggles and had to be bailed out by the United States government through the emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, (Steverman, 2008). During the same year, the automobile industry requested $34 billion to aid in their economic struggles (Romney, 2008).

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Given this chain of events, it should come as no surprise that the health care industry is also facing economic constraints and states. The organization that will discussed in this paper about diabetes. The Dallas Diabetes and Endocrine Center, P. A. provides high quality, up-to-date endocrine care delivered in a compassionate, patient-focused manner. We stress patient education, communication, and the most advanced proven treatments for endocrine conditions. They specialize, but are not limited to conditions such as diabetes, thyroid, pituitary, osteoporosis and growth hormone disorders.

The points of the four P’s, business partnerships, and target markets in health care will be discussed as well. The Four P’s The clinic partners with Diabetic companies that make the devices needed to test the patients’ glucose. Manufactures such as: AgaMatrix, Bayer, Cozmo, Dexcom, and Freestyle want the clinic to promote their glucose device as the best in the business. Technology has made an impact on the health care as the world knows today. When clients arrive at the hospital, clinics, or any healthcare facility staff will be using some form of technology.

Nortel brings critical technologies in high-speed networking, mobility, and new collaborative communications capabilities that can deliver clinical and business solutions in this market. ” – Phil Edholm, Chief Technologist and VP Architecture, Nortel Enterprise. Investing in advance technology is expensive so possessing an experience manager that does the necessary research is important. The Partnership The organization has to know and understand its weaknesses, strength, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). Every decision one makes affects the employees, clients, and organization.

Identify weaknesses can be accomplished by surveys from clients. A customers’ perspective often perceive weaknesses that the organization are not aware of. This idea can be used also for becoming aware of the strengths. Feedback is needed to help the growth of the organization. In order to have opportunities one must broaden their resources. This can be done by networking and advertisement. This will put a face with the organization and gives the perception that the organization is more personable. When networking, the company can also gain knowledge and ideas from many organizations along with the threats of products and sales.

While conducting surveys or questionnaires at the end of each patient’s visit regarding the product. Collective focus will be shifted by marketers, which will pose a challenge as a direct result of possible universal health coverage, and health savings account that is propelled by consumer driven health plans. Currently having large companies pushing various medications during primetime television and radio programing, this is reinforced by specialized sales teams to have doctors consider using various products as they come out.

Health coverage will not be determined by hospital choice because of the consumer being armed with valuable information such as pricing information, and quality data. This will present hospitals with a new consumer. New audience is prevalent in the planning services that give hospital marketers an opportunity to learn from trends and behavior of the consumer. The Target Market The key to marketing a product is to see what is greatly needed in the area. The statistics below show the order of the state’s leading in diabetes.

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