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Global Mass Notification Systems Market Research Report to 2020: Grand View Research, Inc.

Increased need for broadcasting alerts and messages during emergencies has played a pivotal role in the mass notification systems market growth over the last decade. An upsurge in the number of natural disasters and terrorism activities has provided significant impetus to market growth. Mass notification systems help broadcast information during emergencies along with measures to be followed after emergencies for ensuring public safety. These systems assist in increasing public vigilance to prevent hazards and untoward incidents in the wake of inputs obtained by intelligence agencies of several countries pertaining to terrorist threats.To request a sample copy or view summary of this report, click the link below:
Key customers availing the services of mass notification systems include Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), military organizations, large scale companies, healthcare companies, government organizations, emergency response teams, and educational institutions.Ubiquity of mobile phones has played a crucial role in the mass notification systems market growth. Increased proliferation of smartphones has been responsible for the advent of push mass notifications, which are expected to gain prominence over the forecast period. Growing adoption of cloud computing is expected to open up new avenues in the mass notification systems market. Increased demand from energy & power sector is expected to serve as an opportunity for market growth.Mass notification systems serve several end-use industries which include transportation & logistics, healthcare, government, energy & power, education, defense, commercial, and automotive. Lack of firm regulations in all verticals with the exception of defense and education is expected to pose a challenge to market growth. The market is expected to be restrained by the presence of sub-standardized solutions.Key industry…

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