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Getting to Know Your Employees and What Motivates Them

TERM REPORTArticle Name: “Getting to Know Your Employees and What Motivates Them”
PREFACEThe article that we have chosen for our Organizational Behavior project is “Getting to Know Your Employees and What Motivates Them”. This article, written by Michelle Pokorny, emphasizes on the importance of employee motivation and recognition to an organization or company. Moreover it relates effective recognition and reward programs that can increase employee retention and performance. The major point that the article highlights is that in order to effectively design the employee recognition and reward program the organization should consider the employees there are trying to influence or motivate. In addition, they should have deep knowledge regarding these employees such as what influences or motivates them the most. It studies the employee’s value system and points out the ways in which managers can motivate their employees and keep them satisfied as well as productive while performing their task. It states that employee’s motivation can be increased through meaningful reward and recognition.
INTRODUCTIONMotivation is the process that compels an individual to feel energized towards portraying a certain behavior which is desired to achieve a goal.
Managing the people at work is very important for the organization. For most organizations, employees are their most valuable assets. It is necessary to understand that the people form an organization and without its employees, the organization will not be able to function. Organizations should look to employees as their main source of advancement.
An organization’s effectiveness is determined by its ability to achieve its goals efficiently. An effective organization will assure that its employees feel committed to their workplace. In order to make employees satisfied and committed to their jobs, they need to…

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