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Germany Greenhouse Cultivation Market Outlook to 2018 – Government Initiatives to Propel Growth

Germany Greenhouse Cultivation Market Outlook to 2018 – Government Initiatives to Propel Growth” provides a comprehensive analysis of the various aspects such as market size of the Germany Greenhouse Cultivation Market, market segmentation on the basis of vegetables, fruits, flowers and tree nurseries grown by number and area covered and macroeconomic factors affecting the industry. The report also covers the market shares and revenues of major greenhouse construction companies engaged in the market.The area covered under the greenhouse has been following a downward trend since 2005. The same trend is supported by the decreasing number of greenhouses in the country on account of rising costs and increasing imports from other countries. The recent trend suggests a slow growth in the profit of the greenhouses, the rising costs of operation has put downward pressures on the revenue earned. The area covered under plantation by the greenhouse growers in Germany has decreased from ~ hectares in 2005 to ~ hectares in 2010. The acreage of greenhouse vegetables has declined consistently from ~ hectares in 2009 to ~ hectares in 2013, thus demurring at a negative CAGR of 3.3% during the period. However, the production of vegetables witnessed an increasing trend in the period 2012-2013 on account of modernization in cultivation methods used in the country. Tomatoes have the largest acreage among all other greenhouse vegetables in Germany. Tomatoes accounted for ~% share in total acreage of greenhouse vegetables in Germany in 2013.The most important strength that would help the greenhouse cultivation market in Germany is the high importance given to health, sustainable and regional products. The campaign supported by the German Federal Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, known as ‘5-a-day’, has encouraged Germans to adopt a healthy lifestyle by increasing the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent diseases related to nutritional…

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