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Gender Roles Today

Topic and Essential Questions Assignment for Power Point Portfolio Project1. How is marriage today different from when our parents were married2. Gender marriages raising a family
3. Difference between a couple families and gay families.
4. Single parenthood; is it something of a struggle5. Military family, how are they different that nonmilitary families6. Growing up in a marriage in AmericaI would like to write about this topic because I see that there are a lot of different situations today with regard to raising children in a gay home, and how some families have to be with a mother and father. Though it is not always like that. I have lived the life of having a child out of wed lock, then marrying a man in the military and now still being married he is a veteran and having to adjust to life outside the military with a disabled husband.
I guess I am wanting to write about this comes from the article about a woman suing a fertility clinic because according to her they gave her the wrong sperm and the child is now, what 2? She is not accepted in her area yet the parents are gay.
I will touch the different ways that families raise their children and things that are and should be acceptable.
Becker, A. B. (2012). What’s Marriage (and Family) Got to Do with It? Support for Same-Sex Marriage, Legal Unions, and Gay and Lesbian Couples Raising Children. Social Science Quarterly (Wiley-Blackwell), 93(4), 1007-1029. doi:10.1111/j.1540-6237.2012.00844.x

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