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Fox is Kind

Dog is kind because he is caring. He encourages her when her wing is burnt. For instance, he tries to show her that even though she is disabled, she still can live. Dog is caring because he even tries to encourage her by telling her about his own limitations. He explains, “I am blind in one eye by life is still good,” but she still is sad. When Magpie falls into a deep sleep, Dog is waiting for her. He is so caring that once she awakens, he tells her to get on his back. He takes her on a run so that she can feel again. He ran past scrub, string barks, past clumps of yellow box trees. He ran so swiftly, it seemed like they were flying. It changed Magpie, because she yelled to him, “FLY, DOG, FLY! I will be your missing eye and you will be my wings.”Dog is a good friend because he doesn’t give up on his friends. He doesn’t give up on Magpie, even when he realizes that she can never fly again. He doesn’t give up on Magpie when she sleeps for a really long time. He doesn’t give up on being Fox’s friend even when Magpie tries to convince him to stay away. Fox comes by looking for food and eyeing Magpie, but Dog welcomes him in and feeds him. “He flickers through the trees like a tongue of fire and Magpie trembles.” Magpie continues to warn Dog of Fox’s bad nature, but Dog just calmly disagrees because he doesn’t give up on his good friend Magpie. Magpie tries to warn Dog about Fox. In the end, Magpie protests about Fox that “he belongs nowhere…and he loves no one.” Still Dog does not give up on Magpie. Loyally, he explains, “He’s alright. Let him be.” Dog is the kind of character who sees the best in others. For example, one day, a fox came into the bush where Dog and Magpie lived. Fox moves through the trees rather sneakily, like a tongue of fire. Magpie is scared. She trembles when she sees him. But Dog does not see the bad in Fox. Dog is the kind of character who sees the best in others. For example, one day, a fox came into the…

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