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FIN-550 Final Exam Answers

FIN-550 Final Exam Answers 1
The five major classes of ratios include the following, except
• Question 2
Which of the following statements regarding financial risk and business risk is true• Question 3
Which of the following is not a flow ratio• Question 4
Which of the following ratios is not a measurement of the firm’s liquidity• Question 5
A common-size income statement expresses all income statement items
• Question 6
The growth rate of equity earnings without external financing is equal to
• Question 7
The most appropriate discount rate to use when applying the Operating Free Cash Flows model is the firm’s
• Question 8
All of the following are ways in which a firm can increase its growth rate of equity earnings without any external financing except
• Question 9
Which of the following is an underlying assumption of the constant growth dividend discount model (DDM)• Question 10
Dividend growth is a function of
• Question 11
The dividend payout ratio for the aggregate market is 65 percent, the required rate of return is 13 percent, and the expected growth rate for dividends is 8 percent. Compute the current earnings multiple.
• Question 12
The correlation of stock market returns between the U.S. and Japan is ____ and ____.
• Question 13
Which of the following economic series are included in the NBER lagging indicator series• Question 14
The growth rate will most likely increase if the:
• Question 15
If, for the S&P Industrials Index, the profit margin was .25 and the equity turnover ratio was 12, the ROE would be:
• Question 16
At what stage in the industrial life cycle is there an influx of competition• Question 17
To estimate earnings per share an analyst will start by estimating
• Question 18
During a recession,
• Question 19
In which industrial life cycle stage do sales correlate highly with an economic series or the economy in general?…

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