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Three Versions of the Same Tale:Cinderella in Different Cultures
In this paper I am going to compare and contrast three different, but very interesting, versions of Cinderella. Cinderella is a story known worldwide, that families have shared with their children for generations. The three stories that I have chosen for this piece are “The Rough Face Girl”, “Billy Beg and his Bull”, and “Ashpet: an Appalachian Tale”. These three stories may sound different in one way or another but they all follow the same plot as the Walt Disney version of Cinderella if you had ever read it. Cinderella is a heartwarming and tear jerking story, and so are these three stories. At the end they all come out to be a “happily ever after”, just like Cinderella. “Ashpet: an Appalachian Tale” is a story from the mountains of Appalachia. This story is about a little blonde headed servant girl who lived in a cabin by Eagle’s Nest Mountain with a mean old lady named Widow Hopper and her two cranky daughters. All day long, Ashpet cleaned and cooked for them. However, one day the town was having the church picnic and everyone was going; everyone except Ashpet. Widow Hopper was mean and didn’t want Ashpet to go so she gave Ashpet more chores to do so she wouldn’t be done with everything in time to come. But as they all left to go to the picnic and left Ashpet behind to clean, Granny walked in and Granny changes everything for Ashpet. Granny worked some of her magic and made Ashpet a beautiful dress to wear and then told Ashpet that she would do her cleaning and cooking for her so she could go to the picnic. As Ashpet made it to the church picnic she out shines both of the windows daughters and grabs the heart and love of the doctor son that all the other girls in town wanted for themselves. “The Rough Face Girl” is a Native American story about this little girl that is ugly but not from birth; she is ugly because she is covered in scars on her face and arms from tending…

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