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Facts about Southeast Asia and Trade

World History Pre-Ap What were the three distinct trade regions? Who dominated the trade in these regions? What Greek ship pilot was said to have discovered the monsoon winds? What were the differences between ships used in the Indian and Med. Oceans? By 2000 B. C. E. , what did Sumerian records show?

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What did Southeast Asian settlers do 2000 years ago, who did they trade with and what did they cultivate? What did Africa, Somalia, Persian Gulf, Oman, India and Southeast Asia trade? What cause bilingual/bicultural families in Southeast Asia? What animals were on the earliest paintings on rock walls from Early Saharan cultures?

They cultivated bananas, yam and other native Southeast Asian plants. Plants spread to mainland Africa. The Impact of Indian Ocean TradeAfrica -> exotic animals, wood, and ivoryNorthern Somalia and southern Arabia grew the scrubby trees who were valued as frankincense and myrrh. Persian Gulf -> pearlsOman -> CopperIndia -> shipped spices, manufactured goodsSoutheast Asia -> spices, potteryArabian peninsula, the African side of the Red Sea, southern Iran, and northern India -> desert (small ports, scarce supply of fresh water). astern India, the Malay Peninsula, and Indonesia -> populated shores with access to inland populationssailors/merchants married local women in port cities -> bilingual/bicultural families. Women raised child more cosmopolitan, taught men their ways (who spread it to other places)Routes across the Saharatrans-Saharan caravan routes -> Trading network linking North Africa with sub-Saharan Africa across the Sahara desert.

Early Saharan culturesEarliest rock wall paintings show animals long extinct in area, such as elephants, giraffes, rhinoceroses, crocodiles. Historians say maybe refugees from the collapse of the Mycenaean and Minoan civilizations of Greece and Crete joined these, because of a sudden change, where horses took over the cattle in painting and had chariots behind them. (twelfth century b. c. e)Africa and the Trans-Saharan Trade Routes -> Sahara and oceans isolated Africa from most trade before 1000 c. e. First mention of camels -> 46 B. C. E. |

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