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Ethical Options

Moira is a college graduate that has been an administrator assistant for four months. Her fellow employees are stealing from the company, coming/ going as they please and in some instances they are intoxicated during work. She has come forward to her department supervisor about the situation and he has done nothing. She is in a very uncomfortable situation and is ready to give up and join the rest of the unfaithful employees. When dealing with morality options, you always have to think of the consequences for yourself and others.

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The egoism principle is just for self. It is not considering anyone else but yourself and this principle will not serve well for this situation. The utility principle follows procedures and is morally correct with the best out come consequences possible. Basing morality on individual rights is also a great principle because it serves for human rights/laws. This applies in this situation because of the unlawful situations occurring at Moira’s place of employment.

Moira has the right to turn in any unfaithful workers and has the right to be in a fair treated environment. The principle of duties also applies to her because she has continued her moral duties, unlike her fellow employees. The principle of virtues applies to Moira as well due to being a good person she has tried to correct this problem at work due to her employees that do not have virtues. She has many ethical options; it looks like she was on the right path when she presented her situation to her supervisor.

Due to an unethical supervisor it has discouraged her. She has to stick to her first instinct and continue to report her fellow employees. The principle of rights entitles her to work in a fair work environment and the utility principle allows the best out come for everyone. Moira should start keeping a log of everything that is going on, such as the time, date and the incident. She should speak with her department supervisor one more time.

If nothing is done she should go to the highest manager possible and present the problems that are going on in her work environment. Despite the factor of her only being employed with this company for four months, her head manager would appreciate her honesty. With her honesty, she could be saving the company money and maybe even a law suit. If going to the highest power fails, then she should go to the department of labor with the log she has begun to write and they can further investigate the situation.

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