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I think that when you have programs like barrios bike shop El Mercado and the hope house Christian community development is effective. Christian community development works because it helps out people who may not have enough money for a car, clothing or food. That’s when the bike shop the thrift shop and the hope house come in. in the bike shop you can find parts you may need for your bike or you can buy a bike and the best part is that if you don’t have money you can start working for them and you can earn money to use in the bike shop. The thrift shop is the same you in there you can find stuff like Christian books, clothing, furniture, and much more. You can also volunteer in the morning and get a monthly check that you can use in the thrift shop. Another example could be the hope house where young moms or teens can have a shelter while they get there life on track. Christian community development helps out the community because it develops leaders that come from within the community it creates a much friendlier community where everyone gets along. In my opinion I think Christian community development is meant for those who care about the community those who want to better the community because they live in the community.I want to participate in the 2014 summer internship because I did it last year and I would like to do it again. Last year as an intern I learned a lot from the other interns I got to here many of their testimonies and how god has changed their lives I also shared my story with many of the interns and I got very close with the group of kids that I was a leader for. I had a lot of fun going to the college dorms and living with the interns as well as going to camp with the older kids and playing games with them during the night. I think it was a great experience and I would love to do it again. Last year my main goal was to learn some leadership skills which I now have but I wish to learn more about being a leader from the older interns who have…

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