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Taien Ng- Chan Food is particularly powerful as a symbol because of the relationship that it helps build in this story. It brings together two people that usually wouldn’t be together and helps make their relationship stronger. Every Saturday, the father and daughter would get together to have any meal that they would be craving the week before. This gave them a reason to go out and spend quality time together. It also became a routine each week to go out together and eat.

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She started to look forward to each outing she had with her dad, which instantly brightened up her day. Food allowed him to take her out and not loose touch with her since he didn’t live with her. It showed that he still wanted to have some type of relationship with her and not just become acquaintances with each other. Because of the strong relationship he built with her over the years, it lead to still being in touch with each other by writing letters when she went away for university. When that Saturday rolled around, it would remind both of them of the days they would go out to eat with each other.

I think this is why they kept writing to each other, to make up for not going out to each with each other. It was a way, and a substitution for them to keep their relationship strong even if they didn’t see each other. The father also used food as a way to start up a conversation because he feels that awkward tension and vibe between them. Instead of just going out for a walk to catch up or even catching up over a cup of tea, he insisted to eat. He needed the distraction of food to mask the awkwardness. He also uses food as a way to show he cares for her. He kept buying her food to take home as a symbol of his love for her.

When the father became sick, he thought that since he provided his son with what he wanted, he would get the same when he was the one in need. Rakesh’s dreams of being a doctor was fulfilled with his parent’s help of providing education, but when Varma wanted Halwa, he was refused. This changed their relationship because Varma thought that all his life he was generous with what he provided Rakesh with, but later on when Varma wanted something, Rakesh restricted everything he wanted. He didn’t see it as trying to keep him healthy and alive as long as possible, he saw it as being on the planet with no reason.

He wasn’t living anymore, he was merely waiting to die and when he was fed up with waiting, he told Rakesh that it was his time to go. His place in this world is over and it is time to be with his creator. The relationship between my parents and I have gotten stronger because of the trust and respect that we have gained for each other. As I grow up, I am expected to help out more around the house. The chores and responsibilities that are expected of me are out of trust from my parents. When I fulfill their askings, they realize that it is because I want to lighten the load that they have to do.

The roles or people constantly change as time passes. The grandchild will eventually become the guardian of the grandparents when they are no longer able to make decisions for themselves. I think this changes my grandparent’s perspective on the whole situation. They realize that they are getting old and cannot care for themselves anymore therefore they mind thinks that it is time to go. This is when both parties become greedy with what they want. The grandchildren or child of the grandparents will want to extend the grandparents life for as long as possible for their sakes.

But is it really fair for us to be greedy and the grandparents to suffer pain just so we are happy? There really is no right answer in this situation because of the pain deflected on both people. To find the answer, maybe we have to live a lifetime before we have lived both positions with the right answer to give. “War” – Timothy Findley The title “war” also describes the relationship between the father and son after Neil finds out that his father is going to fight in the war. At first, Neil is completely stunned and lost for words when he finds out.

War not only frightened Neil by what it meant, but he knew that there is always that chance he might not come back. The thought of all the plans that they had together that spring that will not happen conveys that Neil felt let down. He felt betrayed because it was as if his father picked to fight in the war rather than keep his promises with Neil. The feelings of betrayal were felt when Neil found out about the news through Bud and Teddy and not through his own father. His father couldn’t and didn’t finding a way to comfort Neil with the situation he has caused.

Not only is he going to fight in the war that is happening, he counteracted another war with the relationship he has at home. The relationship with the father and Neil will never be the same. Promises will always be doubted, Neil will find it harder to trust him again, and the memories that Neil was suppose to have with his father will always come with sadness. The title of this story implicates the many wars that happen. I think the story ends off with the father not having a way to comfort Neil with the news.

He doesn’t know what to say because he knows that no matter what he says, it really doesn’t make a difference. If the father does not survive the war, I think this would really emotionally hurt the son. He will never have closure on what happened with his dad, nor will he have closure on the relationship. He’ll live the rest of his life with “what ifs. ” You always want your last words to someone to be good words. If the father left that day without explaining and laying everything on the table, there will be no closure.

Neil will never know the reasons why the father didn’t tell him himself why he decided to go to war, and he will not fully understand the emotions of how hard the decision was for him. On the other hand, the father will not comprehend why Neil is so hurt by his choice, or why he felt the way he did in the barn. There are so many loose ends that will not be solved in this relationship if the father does not survive the war. If the father does survive the war, Neil and the father will be able to fix the relationship and try to bring it back to where it was at first.

If anything, the relationship might be stronger because the effort they both made to repatch everything. I think Neil’s character is very relatable because when we were all little kids, we were all selfish when it came to our parents. We wanted all of their attention and cried for hours that first day of school because they weren’t next to us anymore. Neil represents a flawed character because he made the small mistakes that were out of his control. His father has a battle of responsibilities that he needs to make a priority to do. This story also shows how any one small decision that someone decides can affect more people than you know.

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