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The website of Emirates airlines is one of the most important parts of the company. Most of the people will book a flight trough the website. With only 5 clicks you can book a flight from Amsterdam to Dubai for example. The website provides all the information you need from managing your flight and picking seats, through online check-in and earning skyward miles. The website also provides flying information and the emirates experience where you can watch the ever-growing fleet. Besides that you can combine booking your flight with booking a hotel and renting a car. At last you can find information about the home base of Emirates airlines, Dubai. Where you can discover the treasures and secrets of Dubai itself. Emirates is very active on social media. They’ve been using several platform to inform their customers. They’ve got a Facebook page with more than 3million likes. Where they announce the winners of the campaigns. After Facebook they’re using a YouTube channel, where they show arrivals of several destinations and new airplanes. Emirates airlines is using LinkedIn to place vacancies for example cabin crew. You can also find information if you will move to Dubai. Twitter and Google+ have the same content as Facebook. They’re only using it for people who don’t use Facebook. All the social media pages are up-to-date and have more or less the content. They also have a Emirates app for iPhone and iPad. It’s a personal journey planner that makes it simple to view and arrange trips when you’re on the go. At the touch or swipe of a finger on your iPad, you can search for and book flights, manage every aspect of the journey and share it on social media. You can share the location when you’re in the air, so relatives and friends can see where you are.

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