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Embracing the diversity in Australian Identity

Embracing the diversity in Australian Identity
It shows that Australian identity cannot be accurately represented despite a thorough search through recent iconic literary and non- literary texts.
Diversity, it is not just a word with a meaning accompanied with it. It is a word that associates with the environment, culture, influences and way of living in one’s nation. There are number of ways to define the word ‘diversity’, so as the effects that it does in the society. Different point of views and representations vary on our interpretation of different cultures, stereotypes and its impacts in the nation itself.
The 2003 Australian Film ‘Take Away’ directed by Marc Gracie and written by Dave O’Neil and Mark O’Toole, displays the different stereotypes among Bogan Australians and Greek Migrant. The visual juxtaposition at the start of the film highlighted two distinct stereotypes of the two different cultured characters. The film technique helped the viewers to comprehend the cultures that altered the two characters. This reinforces the ideology that Australians in general are not ‘bogans’. The effects of different cultures that made up Australia oppose the stereotypes seen in this film. As, some part of the film show the two character working together in a collaborative fashion. It also illustrates that in the early century Australians are very accepting in terms of racial differences.
However, these are representations only-representations that promote the point of view and attitude of director.The depiction of this film is somewhat accurate as Australians stereotypes were presented. Such stereotypes include vegemite and covering body odour with spray deodorant. Both character’s way of living was also contrasted in the film. Although, the audiences are positioned to view the differences between each other through the use of cinematography, Australia is a country that doesn’t focus on the influences that other cultures might contribute…

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