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Education System in Turkey

4+4+4 Education System Nowadays, Turkey is discusted a new draft bill on education, which is called 4+4+4. This law proposal splits the compulsory eight-year school education into two sections of four years plus four years at secondary school. After finishing the first four years of primary school, children will have the right to distant learning, also they may be employed as apprentices when they are eleven years old. The proposal on education law has some major effects on children.

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One of the effects of 4+4+4 Education System is that girls be drown away from education after the first four years. The woman organizations pointed two key points in a press release signed by 31 organizations and individuals. The first key point is the increasing number of underage marriages of girls. In the press release woman organizations claimed that the proposal will pave the way to forced underage marriage of girls. Due to the decreasing number of compulsory education year, families may force their daughters to marry.

The second key point is that the Council of Ministers will decide on which child will be going to which branch of which vocational school. Therefore, this prepares the ground for raising stereotype people may have some major effects on the society. Another effects of the new proposal on education will be the increase of child labour. Even though the compulsory education extends to twelve years, with the new proposal children will in fact not be obliged to continue school. This may cause them to interrupt their education and start working at the age of eleven.

When the number of compulsory education years increased to eight years without interrupting this had a positive effect on the number of child workers. It decreased from 1. 5 million to about 900. 000 In conclusion, the proposal on education law has many effects on boys and girls. Until they are 18 years old, children should not be in a working environment, in which everything is wxpected to be done by adults. Also marriages at early ages may cause some serious psychological damages. Thus, the proposal on education law is examined carefully.

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