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EDU 390 Complete Course MaterialFor more course tutorials visit
EDU 390 Program Progression Requirement Personal Assessment Interview
EDU 390 Professional Growth Plan
EDU 390 Professional Organizations Chart
EDU 390 Reflection Paper on Becoming a Teacher
EDU 390 Section Summary
EDU 390 Work Sample Reflection Paper
EDU 390 Parent and Community Involvement Product and Presentation
EDU 390 Teaching Portfolio Chart___________________________________________________________________________________________________EDU 390 Program Progression Requirement Personal Assessment InterviewFor more course tutorials visit
www.tutorialoutlet.comIndividual Program Progression Requirement: Personal Assessment Interview Complete the Personal Assessment Interview activity posted in the Main forum (available after Wednesday of Week 1). The purpose of this interview is to determine your disposition toward teaching and to provide you with feedback regarding your personal qualities related to the teaching profession. Follow the instructions as posted. Once a satisfactory score is received you must then complete the Interview form on TaskStream. Do NOT complete the form in TaskStream until receiving an assignment grade in your individual forum. Access the form through TaskStream in the Assignments DRF via the course link. Submit the form in TaskStream to your faculty member AFTER completing the activity in the Main course forum.
___________________________________________________________________________________________________EDU 390 Professional Organizations ChartFor more course tutorials visit
www.tutorialoutlet.comLearning Team: Professional Organizations Chart Resource: University ofPhoenix Material: Professional Organizations Chart Research the following education organizations using a variety of resources: National Education Association American Federation of Teachers Association for Supervision and Curriculum…

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