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www.uoptutorial.comECET 310 Week 1 Homework 1_1
ECET 310 Week 1 Homework 1_2
ECET 310 Week 2 Assignment Homework 2_1
ECET 310 Week 2 Assignment Homework 2_3
ECET 310 Week 3 Assignment Homework 3_1
ECET 310 Week 3 Assignment Homework 3_2
ECET 310 Week 5 Assignment Homework 5_1
ECET 310 Week 7 Homework 7_1—————————————————————————————————————————————————–ECET 310 Week 2 Assignment Homework 2_1
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Computer Science – General Computer Science
1. Assume that a receiver has a first amplifier stage with a 5KW input resistance, a gain of 300, an input audio signal of 20 mV, and an operating temperature of 27oC. When the amplifier is operating with a bandwidth first of 10 MHz, find
(a) therms input noise levels
(b) the audio output levels
the rms output noise levels
2. We have an amplifier with a 1 MHz bandwidth and a 20 mV input signal. The input mV, output mV, and output mV.
(a) SNR at the input
(b) SNR at the output
Noise figure
3. An FM receiver has at the input and at the output.
Calculate the receiver’s noise figure in dB’s.
4. A 300 W resistor is connected across the 300 W antenna input of a television receiver. The bandwidth of the receiver is 6 MHz, and the resistor is at room temperature (20oC). Find the noise power and noise voltage applied to the receiver input.
5. The signal at the input of an amplifier has an SNR of 42 dB. If the amplifier has a noise figure of 6 db, what is the SNR at the output (in dB’s) 6. A three-stage amplifier is shown. The operating bandwidth is 500 KHz at a temperature of 25o C. The output load is 1000W.

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7. The noise input power is 1 pW/Hz. Determine the output noise power….

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