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Hard work pays off and I am ready to apply my knowledge and skills to the Social Work field. Pursuing your dreams and accomplishing your goals are some of the most rewarding aspects of life. I love learning about my field and would like to continue my education outside of the classroom. Morgan State University’s School of Social Work is the family I honor to be apart of. The fact that the school gives us an opportunity to an internship amazes me.

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The internship will be an exciting, real-world, client-interactive experience that will give me a chance to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I am an enthusiastic and motivated student who wants to help build better lives for children and adults facing life’s challenges. I will be punctual and very efficient with time management. I will apply my interpersonal skills, learned in group dynamics, to my professional environment. The ability to know when to act as a friend and when to act as a leader is a very important skill that I possess.

I will maintain good communication with my supervisor and ask questions about things that I do not know. I will also take notes and pay close attention to detail. I will be an effective role model to young scholars as well as to peers and fellow interns. I will demonstrate appropriate and professional behaviors in communication as well as in actions, along with the ability to inspire and motivate others to grow personally, academically and economically.

I will be a dynamic intern to my placement, my school and most importantly myself. My integrity and respect will help me progress steadily in my profession because I am determined and I work hard for what I believe in. I will take advantage of this excellent opportunity and accept the knowledge that is being given to me. I will represent the program with honor and make everyone who believed in me proud.

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