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BTEC National Certificate Diploma in BusinessUnit 16 – Human Resource Management in BusinessTutor :
Learning Outcomes:To achieve this unit you must:
1. Know the factors that are involved in human resource planning in organisations
2. Know how organisations motivate employees
3. Understand how to gain committed employee co-operation
4. Understand the importance of managing employee performance at work,This unit is designed around where you are employed. Another option is that you could use information from where your relatives work. However you wish to attempt this unit, the work must be applied to an actual business.
Task 1- Report P1, P2 and M1 (Report) (P1) From analysing your chosen organisation – describe the internal and external factors to be considered when manpower planning; to include:
What is manpower planningIs there a gap between the demand for labour and supply of labour for particular skillsWhich particular skills is the organisation short ofHow is the organisation going to overcome this problemWill the organisation look inside to fill these gapsWhat is the external situation like in the local labour market? Give details – perhaps a graph
Is there more or less competition for your business than 5 years ago? Explain.
How has this affected the number of employeesHow has this affected the skills requiredAre there any regulations that mean only certified employees can do certain tasks? Explain.
Consider Internal factors – expansion, peaks and troughs in demand, age profile etc
(P2) Choose three jobs within your chosen business:
Describe what the job involves (Looking at a person specification may be helpful here-use the links from the home page)
Describe what skills are required to do the job and perhaps how these skills will change in the future.
Explain how these skills have been identified – job analysis, skills audit (See P54 Book 2).(M1)…

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