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Domineering Leadership Style

Domineering Leadership Style
Rita Willich
Everest University Online
Professor Prevetti
This paper is going to be about Skill-Builder 10-2 on pages 356 and 357 of the text book Supervision: Concepts and Practices of Management. This skill-builder has to do with leadership styles or one style in particular. I will discuss this particular style and also what an employee should do when confronted with it.
The skill-builder is about a manager, Ralph Poore also known as “Roary” by one of his employees because of his temper (Leonard, 2008), who is very brusque with his employees. One who seems to have definite anger management issues. Is this style of leadership ever appropriate? What are the disadvantages to using this type of leadership? What are the options that employees have when confronted with this type of supervisor? These are some of the questions that I will attempt to answer.
The closest type of leadership style that I could find that “Roary” uses is the commanding style (unknown, n.d.). Although I think that he goes beyond this. I do not believe that throwing things is ever alright in the office. As for screaming at employees from across the room, this is absolutely never okay. I do not understand why anyone would think that treating employees in this manner is alright.
The obvious disadvantage to this type of leadership is having your employees transfer to different departments or just leaving the company. It will also have an effect on employee morale. Employees are going to be happier and work harder toward company goals when they have a supervisor who shows them they are a valuable asset to the company. When they are treated as “Roary” treats his employees they will get to the point where they do not care about company goals, are absolutely miserable at work and have to walk on eggshells so as not to pull the wrath of “Roary” down on them for something that may be totally out of there control.
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