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Distinctive Capabilities of SBM Jaw crusher

The manufacturing process of jaw crusher created by SBM is extremely diverse from other ordinary jaw crusher produced by other enterprises. SBM JC series jaw crusher has the next Capabilities:1. Utilize the patented technology and also the most high-end elements combined with SBM world-class manufacturing processes, to guarantee gear excellent and efficiency.
2. Completely considerate the crushing principle of mobile jaw crusher dependant on that of ordinary jaw crusher, and use much more state-of-the-art assembly technological innovation of mobile jaw crusher , to produce it more tough.
3. The bearing of SBM mobile jaw crusher uses integrated cast steel structure. Total steel bearing not only can ensure its prefect fitting with the crusher frame, but additionally can drastically enrich the radial strength of your bearing.
4. The making use of of finite element analysis tactics provides the crusher a larger strength.
5. The symmetrical “V-shaped” structure of crushing chamber can make the actual width from the inlet port in line with the nominal width from the feeding port.
6. The adjustment of feeding port makes it extra convenient.
7. The bearings have bigger specification and better carrying capacity, which can enormously extend the service life of the bearings.
8. The latest tooth guard of SBM jaw crusher increases the impactive length with the jaw plates, to improve the productivity of jaw crusher.
SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is the world’s leading rock and mineral processing gear manufacturer. Our company has the latest advanced technological innovation in research and development, by far the most professional manufacturing and installation, in addition to the best service. SBM will continue to provide tools with perfect top quality and performance for customers from the world.

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