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Discrimination of Women in the States

Do women really get the respect, treatment, and equality they deserve for doing what they are expected to do, when they actually go above and beyond that expectation? No, they do not. Women are not given the chance to prove themselves to be equal to men in the business world; not just in the business world either, but in everyday life. While most people, especially men, believe women’s rights in society have changed in major ways, people do not realize that women are still being belittled, and are expected to keep taking the discriminating comments and slander against how women shouldn’t have the same rights as men.

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Women in the business world today do not get an equal amount of pay as men, nor do many women have high positioning jobs, such as corporate managers, business owners, or even a marketing manager. The National Committee of Pay Equity’s said that census statistics released September 16, 2010 show that the women still earn 77 percent of what men earn, based on the median earnings of full-time, year-round workers in 2009. This is unfair to all women. It’s even more unfair to African American women who receive even lower pay than white women. Overall, women in 20 states saw the wage gap between men and women widen.

In Maine , for example, there was a three percentage point drop in the wage gap; women in this state earned only 76. 7 percent of what men in Maine earned. However, women are not the only gender getting discriminated against. Men also get discriminated in the business atmosphere. They aren’t being discriminated by women specifically, but by the lessen amount of opportunities they get compared to women. Examples are, women get the opportunity to work, stay at home as a housewife, stay at home with children, and work part-time then stay at home with the children part time. Men do not get this privilege.

An example is when a woman spends significantly more time on household chore and caring work, such as childrearing or care for the sick, than her male partner. For the example of child-bearing, women can be discriminated against in thousands of ways, such as being too young, not adequate, living at home, can’t provide for the child, or being a single parent. The list goes on and on, but it shows discrimination against women just for a simple thing as having a baby. Men also are discriminated on this subject. Not saying men have babies, but in the sense that they do not have the burden of having to be around and take care of the baby.

That is not the man’s fault. Men don’t get the privilege to take time off of work to take care of his wife and the new baby, yet women get maternity leave. This is not fair to not only the men and women, but also the child. Discrimination can be seen at all ages and stages of development for both men and women. Discrimination is much more common for women than men, especially at a younger age. An example of women being discriminated when they are younger is if they are having sex. Teen girls having sex are seen as delinquents and bad influences, especially those girls who happen to get pregnant.

However, if boys are caught having sex, it is shrugged off the shoulder and seen as “boys will be boys. ” Another example of discrimination for younger men and women is education. People could say that boys are slackers while the girls are teacher’s pets. In some cases this is very common. It still, though, puts stereotypes and discriminates both boys and girls. In reality is discrimination is present everywhere, in every culture, in every country and in every gender. People need to stop belittling women and start treating them as equal as men while they also need to have more respect for men and give them the same privileges as women.

Men already know that women will not do what they tell them to do if they are going to be rude and talk down to women. Women have a heavy burden trying to take care of the kids, do what their men expect them to do, and keeping a simple job. Men have the burden of providing for the family, which is a tough job in a lot of cases. Sure, men and women will have ups and downs in equality, but in the end it should all even out. Men should treat women as equals and women should be happy they get that opportunity. Men should step into women’s shoes, and women should do the same and not complain if they are getting equal treatment.

In conclusion, gender discrimination is fairly high for women more than men, but both genders are being discriminated against. Women do not get as high of a salary that men do, they do not received higher position jobs, and they have the burden of having more expected positions in life. Men do not get the luxury of taking of time to be with his family, nor have the chance to prove themselves as not slackers, or delinquents in school. If men and women would do the same work, get the same pay, treat each other fairly, and unite as one, the world would be a much more friendly and happy place.

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