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Developed Nation – Defining

Key Term and Interest
Developed Country
The term developed country is a very interesting. This is interesting for the sheer purpose that I am from a developed country and it is interesting to see why the United States is considered developed and others are not. It can be interesting to see what the differences are between a developed and developing country. I will try and focus on how health issues are different in these countries and some of the economic ramifications.
Explanation of Key Term
According to Satterlee (2009), a developed nation is a nation that has great wealth and resources, as well as the knowledge to properly manage its resources to take care of the well-being of its people (p. 87). The per capita of a developed country is typically higher than less developed countries. This notion, along with other economic issues, has been used to classify countries as developed by the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the United Nations. These organizations have also classified whether a country is considering developing. There are several key differences between all three that one will need to delve into much more.
Major Article Summary
The article I chose to focus on the most was about the oral health care systems in both developing and developed countries. Kandelman and others wrote (2012), while it is known that there are marked differences in structure and scope of health systems between countries across the world, the common purpose is improving health. The factors that account for such differences are influenced in part by the economic and human resources available (para 3).
This shows that there are many economic and social issues when it comes to health care. There must be a balance between the function of the health staff and the economic overflow that comes with the services. When it comes to oral health, the main focus is on disease control and health promotion. Oral health is not treated with such a high esteem in…

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