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Develop a SWOT Analysis of your organization and Indicate how each of the strengths listed can be used to gain and/or maintain the organization’s competitive advantage.

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A S.W.O.T analysis enables strategists/organizations planners to determine whether a company’s strategies fit or does not fit with its strengths and indicates the need for action. In a S.W.OT analysis, strengths and weaknesses focus on an organization’s internal environment. Its strengths are its core competencies and intellectual capital or knowledge base which the company can utilize to build or reach its goal. Weaknesses retard or inhibit performance capabilities. Plunkett and Attner (1977) called them gaps in manager’s or the organization’s expertise, experience and the unavailability of required resources. Strategies therefore should be designed to either eliminate or compensate for them. The assessment of the external environment focuses on the identification of threats and opportunities. Threats are the factors that can hinder or prevent the achievement of a company’s goals. Opportunities are the reverse.
1. A strong financial position, ample financial resources to grow the business
2. Highly engaged employees committed to customer service.
3. A strong brand name and image/company reputation.
1. The Bank is continuously experiencing high delinquency with regards to its lending facilities. They are thus experiencing financial losses, which affects the profitability of the organization
2. Falling behind rivals in putting e-commerce capabilities and strategies in place
1. Growing mobile and internet banking market to help in retaining customers and addressing costs. This is one of their initiatives of Right Customers, Right Channels and Right Costs. Republic Bank is building and maintaining customers by developing data analytics and business intelligence capabilities.
2. Serving additional customer groups and expanding into new geographic markets. The managing director has advised that there are attractive opportunities in…

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