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Dear Mother

Dear Mother,
It’s been a week since I came to visit my Aunt Linda and her family. It’s nice to get away for a bit but I am surprised by how much I miss home, and I’ve noticed a lot since I have been here. I am worried about the family, they seem to have a lot going on and I hope my being here doesn’t interfere with things.
I’ve noticed that Uncle Willy is a very hardworking man. He works day and night to earn enough money to pay the bills. He was away for the first five days of my visit but he has returned recently, he is a tired traveling salesman, that’s for sure. He often loses his temper and frequently loses his concentration, which worries me greatly. Uncle Willy lives in a world of his own, often reminiscing about the past and constantly lost in thought. He only listens to the things that he wants to hear. He surely is very determined and ambitious for success, he works hard and it’s never enough, I’ve noticed that he always expects the best from everyone. He is a very contradictory man. At one moment he is yelling and berating Aunt Linda and in the next he is telling her how much he loves and depends on her. He is very impatient and hasty with her. I feel so bad for her, she always seems to get the bad end of things yet she keeps happy. Has she always been like this? Uncle Willy seems to favour Biff over Happy. It appears that he has no time for Happy at all. Uncle Willy’s feelings towards Biff are very strong. He admires Biff to the greatness or condemns him completely; sometimes he regards him as magnificent and other times lazy. You can tell that he favours him and I feel terrible for happy, I think it hurts him that he can never get his father approval.
Since I have been here I’ve noticed that Aunt Linda is a very patient women and a loyal wife. She keeps track of everything, such as; account, bills, etc. She is very corporative and supportive women. She tries to protect Uncle Willy from reality, yet she seems to throw it in Biffs face. She…

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