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Culture Analysis of Italy

Culture Analysis of Italy
Abstract Gaining knowledge of any countries beliefs, customs, business practices, and social structures can be difficult especially when there are language barriers. Italy is Europe’s most seductive country. Italy is rich in culture, family history and great architectural wonders. Yet corruption is also a part of this beautiful country. The way Italians run their country can be seen in the education system, customs, religion, and business practices. These differences can create problems in intentional business. Introduction Italy is located in southern Europe and is shaped like a high heeled boot. The land area is 301,245 sq. km which inhabits 60 million people. Life expectancy in Italy is 79 years old for a male and 85 years old for a female. It must be true – A glass of wine a day, will keep the doctor away.
On June 2, 1946, Italy became a democratic republic, when the monarchy was abolished. The Italian government is seemly made up like the United States. It has an executive branch which is the President and his term is for seven years, which would be two terms in the United States. The country is ran by the parliament and the council of ministers. The parliament consist of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. These seats are filled by the votes of the people.
It can be hard doing business in a country that has over 50% of its population speaking regional dialects of Italian. Doing business you must learn Italian and the dialect for the region you will be working. What might be a compliment is Alghero, where they speak Catalan might be an insult in the Alpine region.
We will further learn that education is a high priority in Italy. The government will pay for a public college education. Tourism is a major source of income in Italy. In 2010, 95 billion euros were spent by tourists in Italy. (Accardo 2012) How the Religion and the Italian belief system, as well as…

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