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Unit 1 Whilst working in my current role as Programme Coordinator at my college, I have had to look at the members in my team and evaluate what is going on within our sector. To do this effectively I have had to perform a gap analysis of the staff, I currently have. This has been achieved by looking at their job descriptions and their current role, which they carry out.By doing this I have been able to highlight that certain members of my team do not fully meet the full skill set of what is required for them to do their current role. By doing this it has meant I can see what my staff need to do to be better at future skills, this has also allowed for me to be able to up skill my team to be able to meet the standards required by the employer to be able to deliver the most effective product for the college I work in.This was then managed with individual staff by carrying out informal performance assessments which where carried out by holding individual discussions and one to one meetings within my team, highlighting my thoughts and there’s at the same time.I have also then carried out formal appraisals with my team where they have been given actions to complete which have been documented in detail to be able to manage the staff to set criteria which they need to achieve to be able to complete their job to a high standard. This also gives the staff a chance to inform me of their progression and development of which they require, these meetings are carried out on a weekly basis but also follow with a 6 monthly appraisal within the team.By using both methods of assessment it allows me and the staff to make sure they are getting full support and are also able to strive towards their goals throughout their own career making sure we develop them in the best way that we can, for all future opportunities.An example of this is with one of my lecturers, he was not qualified to deliver exercise to music, but this was part of a course that he was…

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