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In my opinion yes, after studying the culture of Chinese and proved that they liked it is feasible that there will be a completely success if they continue thinking about what Chinese people expect from any theme park in their country
It would seem as though Disney is finally on a better track to uncovering foreign cultural and the desires and pursuits of the people – as it pertains to entertainment and their theme parks. Their past mistakes will prove invaluable in determining exactly what formula will work in Shanghai – making their experience with Hong Kong a huge benefit to the Shanghai development.
Renaming the resort to Disney Paris was an important first step in placating the French and realigning the Disney management to the proper pattern of thought. Europeans may have joined in an economic Union but they still hold nationalism near and dear to their hearts. Under direction of the new CEO Disney also introduced a European character from a fresh start called “L’Homme Citouille” (This is brilliant as the French tend to enjoy this sort of character as attested to by the character “Le Bonne Homme” which is a snowman and an important character in Quebec and symbolizes their winter spirit.) Helping to shape the infrastructure to bring more inexpensive flights to Charles De Gaulle airport was also brilliant. Understanding the French and European vacationing styles led directly to the new passes enabling visitors to enjoy two sites rather than one. Disney Paris provides a lot of employment in a country racked by unemployment and has become the most visited site in France surpassing the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre combined. That is a significant improvement and I think Disney Paris is here to stay. (I wonder if Disney has considered an attraction based on the “Little Prince” series of books which are French and provide a huge canvass for attractions and interactive adventures?)

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