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Connais transitions

Counis transitions it the process where a marine is transferred form one country back to the US in which they get a series of briefs about different topic to include not beating your wife or kid, as well as how to make extra agent purchases with the money that has been saved to not go in financial deat First topic is about why it is you should not beet your wife or kid. we have been gone for roughly 6 months in that time you could of change, as a person or you wife could of change it that long period of time it best not to rush back into thing as they might or might not have change. You as a couple may have change dramatically in that short period of time so it best to start it out slow and ease your way back into thing with your significant other. Because as I said it been a whole six months sense you last seen them and it a good possibility that you have change for better or for worse. Kid are and whole new topic as that kid may resent you or may not resent you for being gone for such a long period of time. In that period of time the kid has change for better or for worse. As kid get older they tend to change tune very often on how they see thing and what the perceive as there world. So it better to take it slower with them then your wife. There nares a few key words that shouldn’t be used when first getting back with kid and one of those words is NOW. For reasons to be describe they couldn’t not think of you as a parental figure anymore so by using the word now it could drive a bigger wedge in the relationship of you and your kid. It also not a good idea to be so bossy to them right away for it may also drive a wedge between you and your kid as well. Secondly it not smart to go off and blow all the money that you save on deployment for example going out and being that nice brand new car that you wanted really bad. and can’t afford to make the monthly payments on it because you blew all the money that you have save on deployment. Also bad choice…

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