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Condoms in Schools

Many also believe that along with condom distribution, there should be an availability of other methods of birth control, promotion of abstinence, and information for students on what being safe really means. We have to face it that the world that we live in sex is everywhere and even though, education advocates abstinence as the primary defense against unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV/AIDS, it also addresses the inevitability that some teens have or will engage in sexual intercourse or behavior.

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Just because a school distributes the condoms doesn’t necessarily mean that the students are going to have sex does it? Condoms don’t make people have sex. People make people have sex and it truly all boils down to their own upbringing, religion, morals and beliefs whether they follow through with the act or they decide no toot. It is also because of the morals and beliefs that a lot of pre teens and teens are afraid or embarrassed to go to their parents. They are afraid they will be looked down upon or even get into some sort of trouble for even having the thought about sex.

Another reason that distributing condoms is a positive is because today’s young people are exposed to more than those that lived a decade before. Statistics state that, “Each year, an estimated 3 million adolescents are infected with STDs, accounting for 25 percent of the estimated 12 million new STDs occurring annually in the United States”. If we allow the schools to distribute the condoms we can lower the statistics in many areas, such as, teen pregnancies, abortions, the number of single mothers and the spread of HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

Condom distribution continues to be a prevalent conversation and issue amongst everyone. Every student has his or her own values and beliefs on the topic. A 2000 study found that virtually everyone involved in a student’s life, including the student, want some form of sexuality education taught in secondary school. Most students want to be educated on sex in order to be prepared to make the right decision when the time comes. It is better to be prepared for it and it never happens then to not be prepared and have no clued what to do when the time comes.

The primary goals of condom distribution are to give young people the chance to receive information, examine their values, be able to resist becoming sexual active before they are ready, preventing unprotected intercourse and to help young people become responsible healthy sexual adults. Students are interested in being educated on how to use and where to obtain condoms and birth control. Some teens claim they are faced with many obstacles when it comes to obtaining condoms. Obstacles such as: confidentiality, cost, access, transportation, and embarrassment.

This is why many students are in support of free condom distribution at school. They will no longer face a majority of the obstacles and birth control would be more easily obtained if condoms available in a confidential area, such as a nurse’s office, for students to have access to when they need them. This makes it so the student has to think about the decision of obtaining condoms and must choose whether or not it is the right choice for them at the time, instead of it just being handed to them. This type of control system will help students make rational, smart choices that are responsible.

In conclusion distribution of condoms should not even be questioned. It should be mandatory to hand them out because students today along with some of the younger parents say that there is not and never was enough information given to them about sex and protecting themselves. They wished there had been more resources available to them after all it is better for the students to be given the condom and have it and not have to use it then to not be given the condom and find their selves in a situation where they were wishing that they had been given it because they need it.

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