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Compensation benfits strategy

The general compensation strategy is largely based on the position of the employee and the seniority. In the hotel industry for this company I would recommend a Pay for Performance strategy to ensure customer satisfaction. A reward system should focus on attracting, motivating, and retaining great employees. High quality service is the biggest priority in the Hotel Industry. Designing a program that works will be critical to success of the relocation in India. An online system should be implemented organization-wide for scheduling benefits, performance bonuses, number of years spent 15% increases, job security, guest feedback, and supervisor recommendation. Each position will be compensated based on the market industry average for the position. Now there are many positions in the hotel industry, here is a list on average salaries for each department in India.Top of Form
Bottom of Form
 Median Salary as per Designations in Hotel Industry
Median Salary
Front Office Manager
INR 4,95,344
Duty Manager
INR 2,49,415
Sous Chef
INR 4,79,951
Human Resources (HR) Manager
INR 5,40,000
General Manager
INR 20,42,000
Food and Beverage Manager
INR 10,17,365
Restaurant Manager
INR 3,30,000
Executive Chef
INR 10,00,000
Housekeeping Assistant
INR 1,80,000
Resident Manager
INR 11,50,000
Executive Housekeeper
INR 10,20,000Working days per week is also different in India from America. The data shows that employees at the participating hotels work an average of 6 days per week. The staff work 48 hours per week as per the UAE Labour Law and the number working days per month vary from 24 to 26 days depending on their seniority at the hotel.
This is the recommended breakdown for pay and benefits for employee categories. When it comes to non-exempt employees, executives chose to pay 73.3% base pay, 3.8% in variable pay and 23.5% in benefits. Executives were also asked to indicate their preferences for exempt professionals and mid…

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