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COLL 148 Critical Thinking Entire Course – DeVry

COLL 148 Critical Thinking Entire Course – DeVry
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Week 1 Journal
Question 1: If you have a disagreement with your supervisor at work.
Question 2: If your class paper or project receives a failing grade from your professor.
Question 3: If you are having a disagreement with someone for whom you care deeply for.
Question 4: If you see that someone is struggling and having a hard time “making it”
Question 5: Now that you have had a chance to apply your guiding statement to several simulations, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being not effective at all and 10 being very effective), how would you rate its effectiveness to you and to those involved? Why
Week 2 Budget Assessment
Question 1.1. My Estimated Costs: Based on Heidy’s preference to complete her program in 4 years, what is her estimated cost to complete the program(Points : 3)
Question 2.2. My Estimated Costs: What minimum level of enrollment does Heidy need to maintain to graduate in 4 years as planned? (Points : 3)
Question 3.3. My Estimated Costs: How much is Heidy borrowing each year in loans that have to be repaid after leaving school? (Points : 3)
Question 4.4. My Estimated Costs: How much money does Heidy need to find from alternative sources, such as savings or scholarships, in order to have enough to cover her expenses each session? (Points : 2)
Question 5.5. My Budget: After reviewing Heidy’s income and expenses on the My Budget tab, how much additional money does she need to cover her current expenses while in school? (Points : 2)
Question 6.6. My Budget: Which of the following are wants (nice-to-have, non-essential goods and services) instead of needs (items that are necessary for everyday living)? (Points : 3)
Question 7.7. My Dream Career: Even though Heidy…

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