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CMGT 575 Entire Course (UOP)FOR MORE CLASSES VISITwww.cmgt575nerd.comCMGT 575 Week 1 DQs and SummaryCMGT 575 Week 1 DQ 1CMGT 575 Week 1 DQ 2CMGT 575 Week 1 SummaryCMGT 575 Week 2 DQ 1CMGT 575 Week 2 DQ 2CMGT 575 Week 2 SummaryCMGT 575 Week 2 Individual Assignment SR-rm-004 ProjectCMGT 575 Week 3 DQ 1CMGT 575 Week 3 DQ 2CMGT 575 Week 3 SummaryCMGT 575 Week 3 Individual Assignment Develop SR-rm-004 Project Task SequenceCMGT 575 Week 4 DQ 1CMGT 575 Week 4 DQ 2CMGT 575 Week 4 SummaryCMGT 575 Week 4 Individual Assignment Identify SR-rm-004 Resources and Proposed CostsCMGT 575 Week 5 DQ 1CMGT 575 Week 5 DQ 2CMGT 575 Week 5 SummaryCMGT 575 Week 5 Individual Assignment Explain?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?— -CMGT 575 Week 1 DQ 1FOR MORE CLASSES VISITwww.cmgt575nerd.comIn his 2007 article, Cervone discusses PMI’s five process groups and nine knowledge areas. Which two knowledge areas are most critical in delivering a successful project and why
?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?— CMGT 575 Week 1 DQ 2FOR MORE CLASSES VISITwww.cmgt575nerd.comCarton et al (2007) describe what they consider a successful enterprise resource planning implementation. What aspects of the project made it successful, in their definition? Why or why not would your organization describe this as successful
?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?— CMGT 575 Week 1 SummaryFOR MORE CLASSES VISITwww.cmgt575nerd.comWhat are the most important points that you’ve learned during week 1 of the class
?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?— -CMGT 575 Week 2 DQ 1FOR MORE CLASSES VISITwww.cmgt575nerd.comIn their 2008 article, Turner et al describe the relatively low implementation rate of Gantt chart, CPM diagrams, etc. in projects. Does your organization use these tools? How does this…

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