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Application of Criminal Law
Jose P. Salmeron
March 4, 2015
Application of Criminal Law
Apply laws to certain crimes is not always an easy task. In some instances some laws do not apply to certain crimes although we may think certain individuals have broken the law. For example murder, not all murder crime will be charged in a similar manner. Some facts to consider in a murder case are, if the act was premeditated, if the murder was committed just cause, or if the murder was not part of a previous crime already being committed. In the following paper I will analyze three different scenarios where the law can be interpreted in many ways. The first of the three scenarios I will analyze is the case of Danny the enraged animal activist. The second case I will analyze is the case of Mr. Crow the smart math professor with stupid students, and finally I will analyze the case of Jenny and Angie, where doing the right thing is not always right. The following cases will be analyzed using statues from the State of California. The first case that will be analyzed will be the case of Danny the angry animial activist.
On a sunny afternoon Danny the store manager at the local market was coming home. While coming home he noticed Vanesa, one of his employees killing animals (little bunny’s), enraged at the act Danny decides to confront Vanesa. While Conducting a U-turn aboard his vehicle Danny accidently hits and killed an unaware pedestrian. When Danny confronted his employee Vanesa they had a verbal altercation, Danny punched Vanesa and while taking the weapon away from her it misfired and she was shoot dead. When Danny was later arrested two hours later he blew a .10 alchol level and the shotgun was found in the back of his seat. When prosecuting Danny I know I can rule out first degree murder on both parties because California penal code 187(a), that the murderer intended to kill someone, that the killing…

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